Words From College Acceleration Summit Winners

At the 2017 College Acceleration Summit in August, current and prospective students gained access to education experts across the country who gave them information on ways to graduate faster, transition from college to the professional world, and to make the most of their educational experience from an academic and a financial standpoint. To make things even better, a select few who participated in the Summit received scholarships and SpeedyPrep memberships!

We could talk all day about the benefits of the College Acceleration Summit—but we’ll leave it to a couple of the scholarship winners from our most recent Summit. The first scholarship winner is working toward an RN, and learned a lot about the educational and financial possibilities that can get her where she wants to go:

“I am just starting my first semester of traditional college this fall. During and after high school, I did several CLEP exams and other online programs. I am completing some non-technical courses, prior to applying to nursing school to commence in the spring. My initial plans were to go to school for the LPN program, after which I would determine whether I would go ahead and do a bridge program to RN, or just stick with my LPN degree. One of the things that changed after attending the College Acceleration Summit was my decision to apply for the RN program. After listening to Dr. Bill Robert’s talk, I realized that I really do want to start off in a good career path, and that maybe just completing the extra year to get my Associate’s degree in nursing, then looking to do an online bridge program to BSN would be a good idea. I was also encouraged just to stick with non-traditional schooling as it will save me a lot of time and money in the long run. Overall, the College Acceleration Summit just encouraged me to keep learning and to pursue alternative methods of learning.”

Our second scholarship winner hopes to graduate from college debt-free—and with the help of the College Acceleration Summit, he’s found some tools that could help him make it happen:

“I initially heard about the College Acceleration Summit through a promotional email from SpeedyPrep. To be completely honest, I only intended to attend the summit for a chance to win one of the scholarships. I am beginning college in a few weeks at a local technical college. The goal is to come out the other end with a nursing degree. I am hoping to graduate college debt-free, and this scholarship will be of assistance to me towards that goal. The summit was interesting and gave me quite a bit to consider as I continue my educational journey.”

Obviously, these scholarship winners are excited about learning and furthering their respective educational careers, but they’re also concerned about the ever-growing costs of a college education. College is undoubtedly expensive—but scholarships from the College Acceleration Summit and CLEP study guides from SpeedyPrep can help. CLEP testing is one way to save thousands of dollars and shave semesters off of your college career so you can get the college education you need, and enter the working world with the right tools and without the debt.

For more information on the Summit and SpeedyPrep, visit the links below:

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