The Math of Saving Time & Money

Online-ep favicon Feb. 11, 2021 The Math of Saving Time & Money Start Reading

Slide Did you know that testing out of college courses can help you save time and money?  Are you interested in getting your college degree? Freaked out at the prospect of spending the next couple of decades paying back student loans? Love saving time and money? I'm going to assume that most of you would answer "yes" to the aforementioned questions...(If you don't want your degree, cool, but questionable...if you don't like saving time or money then there's no helping you ;-). I was reading an article the other day dealing with the overall rise in tuition prices as they pertained to a certain state's universities (think Flynn's Gate ;-). Their current prices for books, tuition & housing were listed, and with a little research, I was able to get an idea of how their prices related to the rest of the state schools out there...pretty comparable overall. It's truly amazing to me that more people aren't utilizing the CLEP system considering the amount of money they stand to save...not to mention being able to shave up to two full years off of their degree in many cases.

Here's a little math that helps illustrate my point:

Year of State University Tuition = $10,000 - $35,000 Year of Book Fees = $1,200 Room & Board = $4,000 - $10,000 Total = $15,200 - $46,200 (allowing for some variance in-state tuition prices)

Now let's look at prices associated with the CLEP™ system (College Level Examination Program):

CLEP test equivalent for a year of college = 7 Price of each test (including Proctor fee) = $100 Price of a monthly subscription to SpeedyPrepl = $29.95 Total = $909.65 So...anyone catch my drift? Not that mathematics is my particular forte, but to me, these numbers are just a wee-bit compelling. Even on the low end, you'd be saving $14,241! With more expensive state schools you could save up to $45,241 Think about it... Ultimately, CLEP™, DSST™, ECE™, & UExcel™ tests will save you tons of time and money, so why not invest in quality test prep material that makes earning college credit fun and easy?

TESTIMONIAL “3 Credits in 2 Days!” I passed with a 56! Thank you so much! This was my first experience with sociology. I started my subscription two days before the exam – I used this alone and passed, which I never would have expected! And I’ll keep my subscription for now, since now that I know that this works I’m going to go ahead and try to get some more CLEP credits with SP. – Jack H. TESTIMONIAL “Keep Up the Good Work!” I just wanted to thank you for all that you do! I don’t know how I would have passed all the CLEPs that I needed to take (6 tests in just over 2 months!) without the service you offer. So, thank you! Keep up the good work. 🙂 — Kelsey R. TESTIMONIAL “saved me $6,000” Thank you for your study courses. I have saved almost $6000 in tuition and an entire semester of school by taking the CLEP tests. I have successfully passed 4 CLEP tests using only SpeedyPrep to study to them. The tests are Analyzing & Interpreting Literature, US History II, American Government, and Principles of Management—Marlene N. TESTIMONIAL “Bachelors Degree with ZERO debt! As a homeschool mom, I love Speedy Prep! My teenage children have passed numerous CLEP exams using SpeedyPrep. Our oldest just graduated with her Bachelors Degree at the age of 21 with ZERO debt! She passed 7 CLEPs to help get her degree for under $30,000! SpeedyPrep has great customer service, too, and an easy to use system! Thank you SpeedyPrep!! – Jenny C. TESTIMONIAL “My senior year of high school…graduated with 45+ college credits.” Super helpful! Love this program, I would and already have recommended it to many of my friends. I used SpeedyPrep during my senior year of high school and graduated with 45+ college credits. Saved me a lot of time and money. Support was really quick and helpful too! Thank you so much. – Jeremy H. TESTIMONIAL “…I’m in my 50’s!” So far I have used CLEP for 12 credits over the past year. I have been taking courses at Community College of Rhode Island and will have completed my Associates Degree in a total of 16 months by the end of the summer! I am also working two jobs at the same time. Thanks for the help! Oh, and I’m in my 50’s!” — Raffaelle G. TESTIMONIAL “The format really works!” I used Speedy Prep for three exams, and I passed them all. The format really works! The process of reading the questions, typing answers, and then seeing an explanation of the correct answer, gets all of the needed information into your brain quickly. The CLEP tests that I took were Information Systems, English Literature, and Natural Sciences. They were all challenging, but English Literature was a total foreign language to me – – and I have zero interest in learning about it! To me, the material was so painful that I didn’t even want to study for it. I studied about an hour or two every night for a week with Speedy Prep and passed with plenty of room to spare. This was basically the same with all three exams. This has saved me so much time and money! Thank you!! — Stacy TESTIMONIAL “Very glad I found it!” SpeedyPrep helped me pass a CLEP test and get credits I needed while I was very busy enrolled in other classes full time. I could study late at night, on the weekends, whenever I could squeeze it in! It helped me structure how to get through lots of material slowly over time, and the interactive tests helped me to gauge my progress along the way. Very glad I found it! – Mimi (Columbia Univ.) TESTIMONIAL “One more class to go and I am finished!” I passed! I did the Humanities in 4 weeks. I completed 95% of the study materials and passed with a 53. You get all the basic info to pass and additional resources if you want to go deeper. Highly recommend!!! One more class to go and I am finished!!! Thanks again. Amazing service! – Jason T. TESTIMONIAL “Your website fully prepared me for all of my exams!” I am a teacher. Last year, I decided to pursue my English certification. I needed to pass 5 English CLEP exams, and took my first, and failed. I knew I needed help, so I researched study guides which is how I found your website. I used SpeedyPrep to study for my remaining 5 exams, and as of yesterday, I have passed all 5 (on the first try!). Your website fully prepared me for all of my exams, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks so much! – Audrey V.