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Did you know military service members can test for free?


College Credit For Military Service members

Our courses allow military service members to save time, save money, and earn college credit.

Study Anywhere, Anytime

Military service members can prepare for and pass a CLEP™ or DSST™ exam and earn college credit.  CLEP™ & DSST™ exams offer you the opportunity to earn college credit by taking college subject exams. Because the exams are funded by DANTES, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars towards your degree.


Test centers may be located on-base or on-campus and agree to waive the registration fee for DANTES-funded examinees. Administration and examination fees are paid by DANTES.*  DANTES will fund the first attempt on any exam make sure you pass the first time or get your money back!  

How It Works

Who Qualifies?

  • Active Duty Military Members for those serving in the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and National Guard and Reserve Component 

  • Coast Guard Spouses can also take their first exam title for free (we’ll explain what this means in a minute)

  • Department of Defense Civilian Employees who are in the Air Force

Information for Veterans, Dependents, and Spouses

Those who cannot receive DANTES-based funding include:

  • Veterans

  • Children or other dependents of active duty military

  • Spouses or Air and Army National Guard, as well as Air Force and Army Reserves

  • Spouses of Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reserve, Navy, and Navy Reserve active duty military members

  • Department of Defense Acquisition Workforce personnel

  • Coast Guard inactive Guard, or Reserve

Testing For Free

If you or your spouse fit this criteria, you can take your first attempt at passing a CLEP or DSST exam for free. This means that your first time the exam is covered. If you do not pass your test, you can take the exam again, but it will not be funded — you’ll have to pay out of pocket.