Pass Your UExcel™|ECE™ Exam​

What Are UExcel™ & Excelsior College Nursing Exams (ECE™) & Why SpeedyPrep™?

UExcel™ is a credit-by-exam (CBE) program offered through an alliance between Pearson, an education company, and Excelsior College. UExcel offers 8 exams in a variety of subjects which can help you earn college credit for what you already know.

ECE™ stands for *Excelsior College Examination™. They are a series of eight, three-credit nursing theory tests offered by Excelsior College™ in Albany, New York. This allows LPN/LVNs to test out of these courses in preparation for the associate degree in nursing.

*SpeedyPrep™ Test Prep and the brand RNNusringPrep™ are not affiliated with Excelsior College™.

SpeedyPrep Test Prep provides prep for all the Nursing ECE™ exams, & two UExcel™ exams (Microbiology and Anatomy & Physiology) under the RNNursingPrep™ brand.

Excelsior College has over 50 exams, spanning a wide range of subjects. Text takers do not have to be enrolled at Excelsior College to take a UExcel exam, but they do need to be enrolled to take ECE exams. The age requirement is 18. The ECE is specific to Excelsior’s nursing programs. UExcel exams are accepted at over 900 colleges/universities.

Excelsior College Examinations (or ECE™) are a series of eight, three-credit nursing theory tests offered by Excelsior College™ in Albany, New York. The exams are supported by corresponding online courses. Excelsior™ also offers the Clinical Performance in Nursing Exam, a two-day practical skills exam, as a capstone to the associate degree in nursing.

The exam administration period is typically 3 hours and the tests currently cost between $110 and $335. Each exam usually corresponds to a one or two semester introductory or secondary course on the topic, and many exams provide upper-division credit. Most ECE™ exams are considered equivalent to 3 credits in the semester system.

ECE™ exams are offered through Excelsior College™ and are administered at Pearson™ VUE test centers.*

RN NursingPrep® was designed with one idea in mind: prepare individuals to pass ECE® and UExcel® exams through relevant and innovative nursing online courses. We knew RN NursingPrep’s online material had to be complete, current and user-friendly.
RN NursingPrep™  courses are always up to date in their content:


  • The course curriculum is presented in the same order as you would learn in a traditional college or university.
  • There are required textbooks for each course.
  • Quizzes, assignments and exams are built into our online program.
  • The online program includes multi-media presentations and more to make learning fun.
  • All of RN NursingPrep’s materials can be used multiple times for you to really learn the subject. You can retake the quizzes so you can master the material.
  • The course is graded. When you have completed it, and met the grade requirements, you know you are ready to take your exam.

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