are You,

an adult learner?


The Skills you need

Our courses allow you to save time, save money, and work around your schedule without sacrificing your personal time. You can study anywhere you have an internet connection on your phone, on your tablet, or on your laptop.

Professional Development

Have you been considering a nursing career and do not know where to start?  Our CNA course prepares you to pass the challenge exam and is a great first step!

Have you been promoted and just need to refresh your knowledge?   Would a Business Law course give you the tools you need for your business?  Let us help!

College Credit

Pass a CLEP™, UExcel™, or DSST™ exam and earn college credit.  Over 2,900 colleges allow you to earn college credit by examination.* Fast track your degree and reduce your college costs.  You can study anywhere you have an internet connection.  Earn college credit at your pace, at your place!


*Always check with the school you plan on attending to see if they accept CLEP™. DSST™, or UExcel™ exams.